Dogs Nightmarrrrre

Seriously at that time I could feel all my internal organs beings smashed around inside my body. After a few minutes of torture I felt as if my kidneys had been dislocated and were tossed around.

So the story goes like this, after i finished EM class, I rushed to Sungai Dua to photostate QM notes..then I decided to just walk back to my room..I stopped by at Tesco..and just wandering around..for some reason..walking aimlessly seeing grocery things..kinda give me the calmness the way nothing else can. I went out this morning at 10 and work out for my 207 viva till 3.30pm..then go straight for my QM class at 4 and EM at 5. SO you can imagine how shitty I look like by the time EM class end. To make thing viva didnt go very,adli,helmi and ina cant solve like half of the questions given by second we thought we got it all in our finger,then bangg!!!!!!!! We never expect we were actually so screwed from the start :(( But, my team mates so far been so awesome..all contribute very well for this assignment,I think I was the least contributer hahahaha watapak wana!!!!!!! they should just feed this useless me to iguana or something.

Anyway! then as I walk back to RST, MY HEART FREAKING EXPLODE FOR A MOMENT when I saw a dog blocking my way..not so near la..I saw him from like 500 meter from mind cant function well rapidly and I just walked back to the opposite way..means I walked back to Tesco!!! (how stupid) But, I got a grisp of quarter of my brain back, I walked back to the dog way and stalked him lol..I waited till he gone,,but you know what happens..he just sit there showering his body with his precious saliva. I swear I nearly go crazy, I walk like insane cat lady,while thinking how to solve this biggest prob of mine..then I crossed the street,wanna keep my body as far as I can from that evil dog.  Guess what!! after so much struggling to keep up with tthousands cars on the road, I managed to crossed the street safely. *lallalalala problem solved so happeyh* deng..IN UR DREAM WANA!!! after 5 secs of happiness, this another dog freaking appear in front of  me!! (like 400meter from me). I was like..k wana relax relax hold your pee k..and the dog actually running/jumping like happy girl directing the same way as I think ‘Ha!this wont be a problem, as long as he do not see me,then I would just walk secretly behind him’ (by behind I mean…at least 1km from him) but of course this plan didnt go well..that dog suddenly change his direction and walk straight to me OH MY FUCKING BLOWN MIND i was so dead nervous then I turn and walk the opposite way ( the same way as the fucking-changed-mind dog)..and I didnt dare to turn around to see how far the dog been..I waited for the perfect time to cross the road seriously my body all fucked up already I never imagine myself involving in this scary situation huwaaaa by the time i succeedly crossed the road, I turn back and found out that that evil creature actually walked really freaking close behind me all that time!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! just imagine the horror huh!!! Luckily he didnt follow me crossing the road huhuhu or else i’d be crying an ocean on the spot.

So,I just standing between the two roads,,with superglad feeling for not being dead few minutes,,those 2 evils disappear from my eyes ( i dont have any idea where they up to maybe death angel took them from earth or somthing for trying to harrass this beautiful human). walk walk walk..finally reach my room..with all body parts still stick together Alhamdulillah.

I truly hope one day I can get over this stupid scary feeling towards dogs as currently everytime I see them,I would automatically visualise me being eaten by them brutally in front of the public omgg.

Till then.!

(gonna skip class tomorrow to watch The Hunger Games!!!!!! seriously my heart cant be at ease till I watch this movie.been anticipate for this since 5 months ago!!!! *fangirling spasm*)

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