The Hunger Games

I watched it at Queensbay today..skipped my minor class huahuaa and tell you what!! I never cried that much because of a movie arghhh!!!! I wont get over how awesome it was..omg every scenes..was pure flawlessly perfection.Well Shit.

It was such an amazing experience just sitting there, waiting for it to start. I was literally shaking with excitement, I have been waiting for this moment for almost a year now and it was finally here.

Then when the Lionsgate logo came on I was all like “Holy shit holy shit. Is it starting dude? Holy shit, it’s starting isn’t it. Dude, it’s starting. It’s starting. Holy shit. IT. IS. STARTING.”

(btw, that dude is one of invisible souls who had the pleasure of sitting next to me for the entire movie.) ( it was 12.30 pm screening on nobody bothered to go to cinema at that time which is yeheeehuuhaa for me)

Anyway, it was starting and I could have shit myself with the sheer awesomeness of it. But I didn’t. Because imagine sitting in your own faeces for two and a half hours.

Ultimate OMG moment-when Katniss and Peeta debut for the first time with their costume freaking burn on fire!!!!! I got goosebump on the kkahdkahdkjadjagdj

and Rue’s death oh myyyy i cried.just like that.comeback Rue…T_T I am so amazed at how they did Rue’s death, i think that was so heartbreaking and beautiful and how everybody did that sign with their three fingers. It was so moving, gives you the impression how much little things can make a difference.

Just so… I cant even… I’m crying now.

Rue you beautiful girl. The odd’s were not in your favour. But the memory of you is.

The cave sobbing just too they try to survive *SOBSS*

when Cato died..i dont know why this hit me really i feel so bad for him..*waterfall tears again*

Effie, oh my gosh, Effie. My favorite character in the movie, hands down. Just- I love her.

Horrorifying games, beautiful stories, fiery heriones, rebellions, death.. It just HAS to be one of the most amazing movies of all time.


.and I have come to the conclusion that I have literally no wilderness skills and if I ever stepped foot in a real forest I would probably get blisters and die.

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