Finally met the beautiful Grey!

Yesterday I got up at 5am, then uya dropped me off at subang jaya around 8.30am, then I went straight to KL Sentral. waiting for Grey to reply my text LOLOL I was planning to bring her and her friend to see the view from the top of kl twin tower buttttt that place close on monday huwaaaa! around 11am, I took LRT to go KLCC where we going to meet! wait and wait and wait, Grey only showed up at around 2 HAHA I’m so shocked at how beautiful she is. seriously! Shiny hair, flawless face and her english OMFG lemme puke blood asdkakdj it’s fucking perfect..the way she stunning… sometimes I cant catch up so I just laughed it off lololol She’s totally so brilliant. wish I can talk like that someday. dadadada we had lunch at the 2nd floor food court till 3pm, then it’s time to bye byeee 😦 I still hadnt stare at her beautiful face long enough *SOBS*


Her friend, Anne help took picture of us hehe after like 2324 attempt LMFAO  Thanks Anne! xD

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