Philippines Trip! (Part 1)

Soooo I went to Philippines back in March. Been wanting to write about it BUT BUT now only got time meh. Better I do this ASAP before my memories dissapear (magically). (Actually I can barely remember it all but imma try to squeeze my brain as hard as possible just for the sake of you YOU YOU).

After a few months of hinting to my parents about my intention to go to Manila..finally my parents approved it just a week before my scheduled trip (YAY). Just FYI this is my first oversea flight just by myself.  Tbh I felt nervous as HELL as I departed from KL but yet still very excited to meet my pinoy love Laysa Salonga.

20140328_16035720140328_160310 20140328_162046 20140328_212700

Here we goes..28th March 2014 – MH804- 6.05pm, I flew into Manila. My whole family (except Balal , Nas , Aman) sent me over to KLIA. Arrived at around 9.00pm at NAIA 1, I frantically searched for Laysa as soon as I landed, but as usual, without telecommunication, it took around 30mins for us to detect each other. AND  I was the one who found her first lolol

So after we reunited, Laysa quickly tried to find cab for us to get the hell out of the airport. We dropped by Mall of Asia (One of the largest shopping mall in the world!!) to grab something to eat. After strolling around for one BLOODY hour lol JK we ended up with this Philippines traditional food, which I forgot what its name. We found a spot along Manila Bay and relished our food temptation there. Laysa also bought a pack of chicken rice for me (coz she’s such a mama).

20140328_225424 20140328_233138 20140328_232633 20140328_231304

Then, we went straight to Laysa’s place. It was an apartment with 2 rooms. Each room had capacity of 2 people. Laysa got the top bunk and I think we went straight to sleep coz too much tiredness happened while dragging along my friggin huge luggage all over Manila.

The next morning, we woke up around 8am. and mind you, Filipino starts their day like so damn early HAHA because 7 am is almost like noon already?! We took the subway and went to the famous 168 Mall to buy our rashguard and all the swimming tools. and here’s where the most hilarious thing in the world happened, we literally checked out all the rashguard store in the mall and found not even a single one that suits Laysa’s tiny body. After a while,we FINALLY found one, but it’s not even XS size, it’s baby’s size!! LOOKIE HERE!!HAHHAHAHAHHA So happy that it fits nicely to her xD

20140329_111144 20140329_08441720140329_114906 20140329_114809

DADADADAAA we grabbed some snorkeling stuffs, and suddenly it was almost our flight time. Just a warning to you guys, dont ever mess with Manila traffic jams! As it will kill you slowly like you wont even realize it, all of a sudden there you are, lying dead in the road pit. oh back to my story, me and Laysa had not even finished our packing. We rushingly went back to Laysa’s apartment and just snatched whatever we can catch hold of. With all the pouring blood and sweat, we asked the same cab to wait for us while we finished packing, then we straight went to the airport.

The most absurd thing happened when the driver didn’t own any fuggin’ change! which lead to us having to pay them in 3 different currency ( SGD + MYR + PHP).  A few mins after we arrived at NAIA 3, Grey and Kathy called us. They already queued up to check in. Hugs and kisses and all… we flew happily into Cebu!

1972413_10201617680835766_292427814_n 1972482_10201617681355779_1581009140_n20140329_161534 20140329_161843 20140329_162037 20140329_170032

As soon as we arrived in Mactan Airport, we grabbed a cab and went to Robe’s Pension House. Located just around 20 mins from the airport, this place is just PERFECT for us.


We booked a family room (2 double beds, 1 single bed). Once our cab reached the place, the door guy quickly welcomed us and helped us with our luggage. Danielle already checked in and waiting for us. The room was really huge for its price (there were 5 of us and the room cost P1,500 so individually, we paid P300/night).

298111_14042514340019203047_STD  298111_14042514370019203159_STD robes-pension-house-02 robes-pension-house-family-roomfilename-img-0289-jpg298111_14042514340019203049_STD o

Also, this place is very accessible to go everywhere in the city. With its very strong wifi and friendly staffs, I highly recommended this place if you ever visited Cebu City!

We rest for a while and then around 7pm, we catch a taxi and went to dinner at this seafood food court. As we got there, restaurants’ owners all shouting, screaming, begging (lol) us to eat at their restaurant. Finally we just chose this one restaurant randomly because our tummy can’t stand it anymore. Ok now..lemme try to remember what we ordered hahah oh ya! I was so surprised when I saw a basket of Ketupat on our table. Apparently, people there often prepares their rice in Ketupat representation! like everyday is Hari Raya for them lol

20140329_19383610001531_10201617677715688_1314038508_n10153110_10201617676235651_204997254_n10009733_10201617678515708_1050966486_n10176264_10202663737088661_564575931_n 1509137_10202663736048635_1859328274_n

After that legit fulfilling dinner, we took a cab to Ayala Centre Cebu. To watch MAGGIE IN DIVERGENT ASKJDAKSHASDH WITH MY NIKITA PEEPS AJSDHAHDASHjhSAIur HOW EPIC WAS THAT ?!?!?!?!!??!?!!!!!!!!

Buttttt…there was too much people night. It was a weekend night, what do we expect?!? Then, instead of queuing stupidly, we went to the internet place and just booked straight online. But our Divergent show time still far (midnight), so we just wandered around the mall and not buy anything. We ended up with nothing to do and just sat there near the cinema entrance. When the movie started, I seriously could feel my bloody tears flowing rapidly on my cheek, like omygosssshhhh seeing Maggie in big screen was just an UNREAL experience. Sadly, her scenes only lasted like about 15-20 mins. The moment she came out on the screen, my lungs just ruptured into pieces. I just wanted to scream like heck during that time.  But, because of the lack of Maggie’s scenes, me and my Nikita peeps spent like half of the movie napping </3. ( I heard the second movie gonna features a lot more of her character). I myself can’t even understand what the ending was HAHAHA.

So, we went back to our hotel. It was a little hard to find a taxi as it was already like 2 am at that time. As soon as everyone landed on their bed, the sound of snoring serenaded itself through the night~

The next morning, we woke up so damn early as our van already waiting for us at 7.30pm. Packed out all our stuffs, we checked ourselves out. Robinson’s staffs were so kind they let use leave some of our stuff in their store room (as we gonna go back to Robinson after 2 nights).

The journey from Cebu City to Oslob took around 7 hours++. We spent most of the journey sleeping/napping non-stop I seriously dont know what got into us hahaha. We made a stopover after like one hour to get a breakfast. I still remember how hungry I was at that time like I could swallow one whole cow. (Again, I found people here eat Ketupat rice too!)

20140330_093156  20140330_08514120140330_09280920140330_08475710009733_10201617678515708_1050966486_n 397561_10202663745688876_1892920901_n20140330_093837 20140330_085837

Then, we continue back our journey !

1489216_10202663748648950_70226423_n 1897948_10202663741128762_890134293_n 10151339_10202663748688951_1953190736_n 10173528_10202663743128812_1682702841_n  10155190_10202663743528822_1989460775_nIMG_0759IMG_0761IMG_0770 10153091_10202663742128787_1260282522_n1969242_10202663750328992_210753808_n

Actually, our roadtrip supposed to consist of few stopover where we can chill and take pictures, but because of the sleepiness overload, we could only deal with one stopover. Laysa gone pretty mad at the driver lol I wasn’t sure what’s going on because of all the tagalogness.

20140330_105431  20140330_105644  20140330_105839 20140330_110259 20140330_110102 20140330_11073010173555_10202663753129062_200742241_nIMG_0793FINALLY FINALLYYY AFTER MUCH DRAMA, WE ARRIVED IN OSLOB! We stayed in Oslob New Village Lodge. Their owners are so friendly like genuinely friendly you know! Because our room still not ready yet, they let us stayed in other room for a while. Before that, one of the owner lead us strolling around the area and let us know about the surrounding place. What a warm welcome!

20140330_121730 20140330_121745 20140330_121908 20140330_121755 20140330_121953 20140330_12205220140330_12214220140330_122138

There were a lot of ruins near our lodge. Beautiful gorgeous ruins!!

20140330_12193320140330_122001  20140330_122239 20140330_122413 20140330_122418 20140330_123017 20140330_124121 20140330_123034 20140330_124244 20140330_124318 20140330_124333 20140330_130418 20140330_124625 20140330_13042810151881_10202663769449470_399240880_nIMG_0835 IMG_0786 10150538_10202663776289641_1370148400_nIMG_0822IMG_0824

Then we head back to our room. and we so lucky we got upgraded to the airconditioned room by just adding around some pesos! The room was not really spacious but it’s worth the fuckin’ cheap price! (It worth more than the price really with the super epic customer service + clean room + hot shower).

10003412_10202663758369193_1076619284_n 1525027_10202663758409194_205122920_n

At night, because of the need of food, we went ventured out and found a small restaurant just walking distance near our place. The food was just basic and so-so tho. After dinner, we bought some snacks and chilled along the bay until midnight. Definitely one of the chillest night in my life lol Later, we went back to our room to get ready for tomorrow’s life changing adventure!

Stay tuned for part 2! 😉


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