Philippines Trip (Part 2)

Here we go again! Day 4 in the Philippines! As usual we woke up as early as possible. Mainly to make up for our sleeping galore yesterday. I was so surprised to see our breakfast all ready on the table outside our room. They prepared for us scramble eggs and rice with tea/coffee. Eating big meal of rice in the morning HAHA SO MALAYSIAN!

1907615_10202663792090036_2134863191_n 1924598_10202663798170188_489292090_nIMG_0876IMG_0877

Then, we put on our swimming suits and ready to check out. There was a tricycle already waiting for us. It can fit all 5 of us haha what a super tricycle!

1959484_10202664005615374_1382589642_n10155965_10202663796770153_731650232_n 1977229_10202663796050135_945037850_n  1979692_10201617655635136_1149165898_n



It cost each of us P500 for 30 mins to spend with whale shark. There’ll be many staff there who are more than happy to help you to get on the boat. Everyone is compulsory to listen to the briefing on the safety rules. Unfortunately none of us got underwater camera (which is a MUST) if you ever went here. Come on, picture with whale shark! Who in the world doesn’t want that! But no worries as you can just rent camera there. The accompanying staff will be taking picture of you. Any pose you want lol. The thing is, you gonna depend on their staff photography skills, which in our case, was pretty sucks. Most of our pictures came out blurry. Thankfully, underwater pictures were quiet okay (facebook uploadable HAHA).

10150533_10202698596960136_1546795430651719083_n P1070849 P1070850 P1070860 P1070888 P1070889 P1070899 P1070902 P1070918 P1070924 P1070938 P1070945 P1070964 PSX_20140806_014111

For those of you who stupidly enough not to learn swimming yet (like me), you can just wear safety jacket (although your pic won’t be as cool as those who can swim around freely). It was like 8 am, the waves were so pretty damn harsh at that time. It was FREAKIN’ unbelievable for me as I’ve never experienced that kind of waves before! I was like omfggggggg what am I doing here is this my last day on earth?!??!??! I was just gonna stay near to our boat, hanging around trying to survive. LIKE OMYGAH THERES NO WAY imma go near that huge creature. At last I just decided to go on. What’s worst can happen right? (LOL) Anyway, the view in the ocean was so unreal. VERY GORGEOUS AMAZING FANTASTICAL fish were swimming around. The water was so crystal clear I just wanna cry as I’m typing this (;_;)

I believed they actually gave us extra time as I felt like we were staying there forever hahaha. Then, we went to Tumalog Falls. What a perfect place to cool down all that whale shark intense sensation that still crippling on our body. It located just a few mins from the Whaleshark Watching. Our tricycle guy had been waiting for us. He stopped at one corner, and we had to ride motorcycle to continue our journey as the road was pretty narrow.

923180_10202663835211114_14408055_n 10171257_10202663846691401_67972070_n 10173555_10202663843771328_1746202687_n 1173772_10202663966694401_861181043_n

As we reached the place, we had to walk around 200 meters to get to the waterfalls. The road was so steep this time. It’s easier to walk with our barefoot. And finally….



WHOAAAH MAN IT WAS TOO EPIC MY BRAIN HAD A HARD TIME TO PROCESS THIS. and did I mention to you, the water was freezingly cold! ❤

10172823_10202663977214664_519430618_n 1014473_10201617671435531_266170841_n 1173772_10202663966694401_861181043_n 10154183_10202663868531947_1512383306_n

We spent around 1 hour there. To our surprise, there was no changing room available there. The ones provided was too small and a lil dirty. So, on our way to back, we dropped by this place. It’s like a small resort and the staff there were kind enough to let us use their toilet for free!

Along the way, we stopped by at this one place where the view was SUPER AWESOME!

1468738_10201617654875117_1190448480_n  954723_10202664109697976_1344987089_n 1969350_10202664125978383_258542788_n 1975128_10202664008855455_388285608_n 1977420_10202664108577948_1765786921_n  10153250_10202664129938482_1025558246_n 10154397_10202664106977908_797234222_n 10172788_10202664004775353_199340736_n IMG_0899 IMG_0901 IMG_0917 IMG_0919

Later, we went to the bus station to go back to Cebu City. We went by bus this time coz supahhh cheap ticket! The journey didn’t take too long idk why I felt like it took forever when we headed the reverse way. We were damn hungry by the time we got to Cebu City! We dropped by this one fast food joint but I can’t remember its name (T_T).

Went back to Robinson’s House. We settled our stuff and and headed to Crown Regency Hotel and Tower. Another mind blowing action waiting for us HAHA. Before that, we stopped by money changer coz I was running out of monehh! Shockingly, all the banks are already closed. Thankfully, we found a money change in a shopping mall.

10170742_10202664135178613_1072311961_n 10156083_10202664136018634_706810949_n

The price for each activities was not cheap though, so we decided to take package that included all activities sebab alang-alang kan..baik main semua terus ;P

Agreement form that’s compulsory to sign before we start any activity (just in case if we die, they won’t have to pay anything)

We took Skywalk, Edge Coaster, and Zipline. The most horrifying one gotta be..(can’t decide). I seriously enjoyed all of them! (Didn’t expect Edge Coaster could be so scary tho). The view from


Breathaking view from 126.55 meters high above the street

10006223_10202664141298766_1698194634_n 10013836_10202664146898906_1430453996_n 10154095_10202664150218989_1800013164_n  1002661_10202664153699076_383102912_n 1240452_10202664158219189_410053576_n 1454869_10202664151459020_663848795_n 1554342_10202664159019209_2022017914_n PSX_20140805_184848 10155616_10201617593753589_622390159_n  10171684_10201617595553634_542258390_n

Right after we finished everything, perut pun start berkeroncong.


Adventure overload kinda day

And then guess what?! We went to the ultimate famous La Vie Parisienne. Super fancy place. There were thousands of people by the time we arrived there lol The bread dough are prepared in France and then baked at  La Vie Parisienne Cebu.  So you get the real deal French Croissants for as low as 25php a piece. Thats why la so many people meh!!

1622867_10201617615434131_805379464_n1536438_10202664185179863_1906329270_n1901791_10202664189139962_69294127_n 10007541_10202664293542572_1982322044_n   IMG_0933 IMG_0934 IMG_0937 IMG_0939 IMG_0940 IMG_0941 1620724_10202664284742352_683205916_n10014627_10201617608073947_1979771166_n10168179_10202664175659625_2076881571_n10153042_10202664176499646_1764899336_n

What I love is they also provide garden-theme table for customers to use. So nice I tell you..

1503838_10201617600873767_1382827297_n IMG_094610153280_10202664292782553_1276649407_n 10007541_10202664293542572_1982322044_n

Only thing we were quite dissapointed. Their customer service was shitty as hell. Maybe the waiter just having a bad day but we had to wait a long time to order some drinks and the waiter’s face omygosh ketat giler dah maca tikus nak terberak.

We ordered too much bread apparently lol I was legit almost throw up bcoz croissant overloadddd. At the end, we tapau most of the things for our breakfast. The next day arrived, we got ready to check out.  We left our things in the storage and went out to roam around a few  places in Cebu City.

Thank you Robinson!

Thank you Robinson!

I still can remember the freakin’ hot weather on that day. We spend like the first hours getting lost, hop on hop off the jeepney. We got night flight but since Danielle’s flight was in the afternoon, we went to the airport together.

IMG_0951 IMG_0954

We saw a group of people having their convocation. What a goddamn hot ceremony with all the sun and traffic!

IMG_0953 IMG_0958

Fort San Pedro 

10155304_10201617586593410_1549066258_n1903020_10201617585513383_403694210_n IMG_0987IMG_1019     IMG_099610152588_10201617587993445_224059722_n

Magellan’s Cross

                       IMG_0974 10154274_10202664298542697_1610651665_n

Santo Niño church – supposed to be the oldest church in the Philippines


Some white building in the city


All of above place are located so near to each other. So it’s easy to just walk around and spend like a few hours there. And after all the blood and tears,  we went back to the hotel, picked up our things, and chow chin chow to the airport.

Here it comes, the most ultimate worst time of my life. We were stranded at the airport for a solid 6 hours. with the fucking freezing temperature I swear my brain cell almost ruptured .Our plan was to  checked in and (maybe) put our stuff there and then we gonna take a stroll around the airport area. BUT  BUT BUTT there was no place provided to put our luggage 😦

Laysa had to go through custom again after she got out of the airport to get some air ;D

Laysa had to go through custom again after she got out of the airport to get some air ;D

Thank god Grey the angel ordered some pizza and then we spent the rest of the night literally dying. As soon as we reached Manila, we all got into our own ways. Katie and Grey got picked up by their family. Me and Laysa catch a bus to go back to Makati. and I tell you, it was definitely one hell of a night. We were having a hard time to take a taxi. Like, it almost midnight and there were still a sea of people wandering around. Yet still very stiff competition to get a taxi!!!

The next morning, we met Pauline The Santos Dimafelix omfg is this real life!?!!!?!? It was sunny ass day and I was dragging along my huge luggage to reach Jollibee where we gonna meet Pauline and holy shit why is she so gorgeous ❤


Then all of us went to the airport. I mean how sweet are they..taking me to the airport and Pauline even paid for the taxi fare *SOBS*



You know in part 1 of this post I doubt why the airport voted as the worst airport in the world, only now I realised why!! (lol) At the departure level, only passengers is allowed to go inside the airport. So if you arrive early and do not plan to check in, then you have to wait outside with your whole family (if you bring them) like under the sun with the hard as rock chair.

Then it’s time to say goodbye to Manila ;( After we bye-bye and stuff, I checked in and guess what, all passenger literally have to pay a lil bit of fee (P550). Around RM50. And I cryed haha20140402_115448After everything settled peacefully, I managed to finally boarding the flight.

Adios Mania foreals

Adios Mania foreals

20140402_13440020140402_143628 20140402_143611  20140402_172005


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