It’s 2015 YO

First day of 2015. and here I am, in my parent’s house. Still working at EHEHE (its been almost 1 year and a half) and still got so little in my bank account. I know this is such a cliche and mostly lame but here’s my 2015 goals!

1) Become stronger and more fit – running at least twice a week + 20 mins workout every morning +30 mins workout every night.

2) Save more money (to spend for experience/travelling thingy) and ABSOLUTELY NOT for buying ridiculous stuff which I’ve been doing a lot in these previous years.

3) TRY TRY AND TRY HARD to be nice to everyone. Especially paying more attention to my parents’ needs.

4) write journal everyday before I sleep (hardest thing ever)

5) TO GET OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE, comfort job, and start doing anything risky.

Surprisingly, that’s all I wanna do. For this first term of the year, I’ll probably, NO I MUST QUIT MY SOUL-SUCKING JOB and work for something that I love. Also, my confirmed travel plan this year :-

Krabi – February

Korea+Japan – March

Hong Kong + China – July

Dubai – November


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