My 2nd Philippines Trip!

15th January 2015 – The day I embarked my journey to the Philippines for the second time. Its been almost a year since my last trip so I kinda deserved this trip right right?! (Plus I missed Laysa so much tho)

Thank god for Pope’s visit to Manila!

It was literally such a spontaneous trip as we had not really plan what we gonna do on those dates. Btw, I took 3.00 am flight on the 15th (GOSH). Went straight to the airport after work. Because I decided to take public transport, it was already around 10 pm by the time I reached KLIA. One thing about me is that I really adore being at the airport, like I have this very deeeeeep affair with KLIA (or any other airport exist in this world). So it really didn’t bother me having to stay there for many hours. 20150115_01564020150115_013344 20150115_021659 20150115_014713 Midnight in KLIA


The perk of taking 3am flight : there were less than 10 people on board!


Chicken Curry with Rice


My flight arrived at NAIA 20 minutes ealier than scheduled time like wow well done MAS HAHA

As soon as I arrived, me and Laysa took a cab and went straight to the bus station. We had breakfast at Jollibee first before we ride a bus to go to Laguna.

Excited to visit Laysa's hometown!

Excited to visit Laysa’s hometown!

The journey took around 2 hours and Laysa slept the whole time (well, almost hahaha) Her ability to sleep peacefully in a moving vehicle is beyond AMAAAZING tho it’s like she got hypnotized by the road everytime. It was around 12 pm and we had lunch specially cooked by Tita Reysie! Fried chicken with rice and some vege. Then, what was supposedly to be an hour nap turned into 3+ hours. If it’s not for Mark (who’s already waiting for us at UPLB) I’d still continue my nap lol


Road trip to UPLB!


Loved the green scenery


Stopped by at this Carabao place to get this super freshly delicious choco milk

We met up with Mark and Bryan in the library and our first event was riding the unique trolley that cruises along railroad as the driver push you from behind (which is kind of surreal). It can get pretty fast depends on the driver’s speed capacity. Passing through IRRI rice fields and Mt. Makilling, the view was soothingly pleasant. It even passes through the awesome hanging bridge!


Houses and stores along the track

20150115_172047-1-1 DSC_0009 It costs like 300 pesos for the ride which was quiet a ridiculous price. Maybe because they could tell I am a foreigner sobs dont I look a lot like a Pinoy already? From UPLB, we had dinner at this cute restaurant (forgot its name) and then Laysa wanted to go karaoke. I was a bit hesitant at first because its been yearssss since my last karaoke moment haha but I had A LOT of fun that night! almost forgot how awesome karaoke is if not because of them.


From LB Square, we got back to Laysa’s home in Santa Cruz and that’s the end of Laguna Immersion Program Day 1 🙂

DAY 2 – Friday 16th January 2015

Woke up at around 8pm and Laysatot and her mama went to get some breakfast. We had bread, cheese (cheese is basically the main theme of every meal served in PH lol), coffee and Carabao yogurt! The plan today was to visit some tourist’s stuff around Laguna. Our first stop is Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery. I didn’t expect the place to be so cool I mean look at the photos below DSC_0044 DSC_0046 DSC_0047 DSC_0051 DSC_0054 DSC_0063 DSC_0066

The graveyard (15 feet below the church) was eeeeeeeerily cold I kinda wanted to stay there forever lol. Then it started raining all of a sudden so we rushed to the car and proceeded to the super charming town of Liliw. This town is mainly famous for its  very own shoes industry. SERIOUSLY THOUGH, this is like heaven for shoes maniacs like my sister. I bought a pair of slippers for just 200 pesos. Mark and Bryan also got a pair of slippers. Meanwhile, me and Laysa grabbed a few Uraros from the woman selling on the street. The taste is actually really felt familiar to my tongue. Then I remember it tasted exactly like cookies that we Muslim always serves during Eid Fitr.


Lunch hour yo

We were gonna eat at the famous Arabela for lunch but it was VERY packed with human, and the most shocking thing was, the cafe ceiling is so low!! which I guess is what makes the place so unique. We checked out the price and holy shit it was expensive. Plus we needed to wait for the tables to be vacated (aint nobody got time for that). We just settled with this humbly small restaurant full with holy decorations.


Mark being all touristy

Then, we continue to strolled around the town and stumbled upon the majestic St. John the Baptist Parish Church. I was amused by how freakin’ huge that place is.

Later that day, we went to Costales Nature Farms located in Majajay. The farm is a nice, totally relaxing place for you green lovers out there. The entry fee is actually pretty expensive but we can enter for free if we order some meals at their cafe. So we hung out at one of the cute huts and ordered some freshly made sandwiches. Laysa and I even shared a Cucumber Juice and damn I felt so healthy the moment it went down my throat lol (but seriously though, I ended up finished it all because Laysa just can’t stand it HAHA

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