Day 4 of Korea Adventure

This morning we planned to finish our palaces adventure but when we arrived to our first destination, that is Changdeokgung Palace, we found out it was closed today HAHARRRR WTF should have checked it out before we go. Because of that, we went straight to Everland. Waited for the bus at Gangnam Station, it took 1 hour for us to reach Yongin , where the Everland located. We bought the tix for 32k won each. Because its Monday, there wasnt many people so we didnt have to wait long for each ride. I ACTUALLY GOT TO TRY THAT T-EXPRESS WOODEN ROLLER COASTER AND HOLY SHIT I ALMOST BROKE MY NECK WHEN I RIDE IT.WHAT A FREAKIN SUPER EXHILARATING ROLLER COASTER! Then we finished Everland at around 8pm and we got back to Gangnam. Later, we went to Sindang to try that famous ‘I love Sindangdong’ restaurant but when I check it online, it mention that Monday is the day it closed. However, we just couldnt believe it pfffft so we still went there and BAMM IT REALLY CLOSED WOW WHAT A SURPRISE HAHAHAH. So thats how today ended. BYEEE

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