Day 5 of Korea Adventure

Today we woke up so earlyyyy in the morning to get out of Seoul. First place we visited is Petite France. From Gapyeong Station, we ride the shuttle bus (that goes around Petite France, Morning Calm Garden,and Nami Island) for 5k won. There are a lot of colourful buildings in Petite France you gonna actually feels like you are in France yo. The entrance tix is worth 8k won each. We spent our time there until 12.40pm and then we continued to go to Morning Calm Garden. Entrance tix is worth 6k won. The garden was seriously huge and super gorgeous! It would be more gorgeous during spring as there will be flowers blooming everywhere. Me and Farah hiked until the top of the garden and the view from there was unbeliavably stunning. And then after we finished with the garden, we went straight to Nami Island. By 5pm, we reached Nami Island terminal. It costs 8k won to enter the island. Althought we only got to spend 2 hours to enjoy the scenery before it getting dark, still the island is such a beauty. Every place just reminded me of my time with my family when we went here 2 years ago uwuwwu. By 7.30pm, the whole island got dark and as theres not much to do there, we went back to the ferry terminal and back to Gapyeong Station by local bus there. We got back to Seoul and went straight to I love Sindangdong restaurant for rappoki!!! And again my memory with my family when we ate here last time got to me and UHUUHUHU I MISS THEM SO MUCH!

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