Day 6 of Korea Adventure

Day 6! The day where we finally accepted Ziqah’s unfortunate fate. The hope to get back her wallet has gotten rapidly decreasing. We started the day by going to Korea University in the morning just to triggers our ‘how it feels to study oversea’ thingy. And then, after that we rushed to the palaces. As our time is limited, we only managed to cover Changdeokgung Palace and Secret Garden. Both of this places need tour guide for you to enter it unlike Gyeongbokgung palace. I truly enjoyed the tour as I learned so much of Korean royalty history. And then we went to Yeuido Park and straight to Han River. It was raining at that time but Han River still looks beautiful! Later, we want to search for subway station to go back but we ended up walking for almost half an hour before we found the nearest station. We went straight to Hongdae for lunch. We had Ugane at one of the halal restaurant and wow I liked it so much! What a spicy and fulfilling dishes. Then we walked around Hongdae for sightseeing. Hongdae is actually not so big so we covered the place in just less than an our. The place is full of young koreans with many gorgeous building. There are literally music everywhere. I ended up buying this cute 10k won korean beg there. Its still raining at that time and we just decided to cancel our Lotte World plan coz ughh so tired already duh.  We got back home for praying and went out again at 8am. This is where our disaster journey started. First, we went to Sangbong bus terminal to check out tix for Seoul-Gwangju but the station is very far and theres so many transfer!! Plus we have to walk for about 20mins from the subway to the terminal. Best thing is, it was already closing by the time we got there looooool. There was this woman tho who helped us figures out how to go to Gwangju. She went out of her way by calling her friends to ask whats the best way to reach Gwangju oh korean people stop it with your overwhelming kindness. Later, we continue to go to Namdaemun for shopping but it closed already by the time we reached there. After so much dissapointment, we just went back home and sleep. We literally spent our time from 8pm to 12pm walking like crazy for nothing haha!

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