Day 7 of Korea Adventure

It’s day 7 of our trip!! After the most ultimate disaster happened to us last night, I woke up at 5am to buy our Seoul-Gwangju bus tickets. I decided not to go to Sangbong Bus Terminal coz its freakin far plus we’ll have to drag our things so yeah say no to Sangbong lol. At 7.30am, I reached Express Bus Terminal station and bought the tickets for 17,600 won each. It takes 30mins by subway from Dongnimmun to the terminal. Later, i went back to our hostel and at around 8.30am, we went to Namdaemun Market. I despised this place so much coz no matter how you plan to not spending, you’ll sure end up broke after aha. We spent our time there till 12pm and after that we went to Itaewon to buy Omija Tea from Eid Restaurant there. Farah bought one bottle for 20k won. We planned to eat there but theres reservation already so all the tables are booked. So we just had our lunch at Moori instead. I shared Bulgogi soup with Farah for 6k each person. Later, we got back to Kimchee and picked up our things. We actually spent more time than we supposed to. We only get out of the hostel at 3pm (our tix is at 3.40pm!!!) We thought we gonna make it but arghhhhh we missed the bus by 1-2mins. Moral of the story, never underestimate korean people punctuality. Good thing we can changes our bus time to 4.10pm with no added charges. However, the disaster has just gotten started. This one staff instructed me to put our things on the wrong bus haahahaha and by the time we wanna ride the bus, we found out its the wrong bus! We got off and picked our shitload of baggage and went to the right bus ahahaha what a shit show. I spent most time sleeping on our way to Gwangju. At around 8pm, we reached Gwangju Bus Terminal and from there we walked for 20mins to our Oxbloodk hostel aka the best hostel ive ever stayed in. Ok, first of all, the host is so damn nice to us. and the best thing was, theres tons of food in the kitchen and its FREEEEEEEEEEEEE! Unlimited food and cereal.and hash brown and orange juice wohoooo. We got very sad as we can only stay there for 1 night. We had maggi fiesta at that night (our maggi tasted payau tho coz we didnt cook the eggs really well). Ok thats all for today. ADIOS!

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