Thrilling adventure to Japan!

After spending a night at the Jimjilbang (most ridiculously unforgettable night of the history of my life), we headed to Jeju Airport at 6 in the morning by taxi. As we still got free time before our 8.40 am flight, I continued my sleep at the seat on the waiting area. Boarding time was smooth and easy and BUSAN HERE I COME!!! Oh did I mention to you the weather in Busan was freakin hot compared to Seoul. I was dripping in sweat as I made my way from Busan airport to Busan International Passenger Port.

As soon as we arrived at Busan airport, I parted ways with my friends and proceeded to change all Ringgit I got left to Korean Won. It was a little hard at first to figure out how Busan railroad works but I still got it at the end. From the airport Station, I departed to Sasang, then I interchange at Soomyeon. From Soomyeon, I headed straight to Busan Ferry Internation Port. Few minutes walk, then I arrived at my destination. It was freakin nerve wrecking experience as I asked the Kobee staff if I can get the ticket to go to Fukuoka and thank god I CAN!! It costs me 122,200 won for one way from Busan to Fukuoka. I thought I was gonna ride a cruise but wow it just a small high speed 2-floors boat.

Only took me 3 hours to reach Fukuoka. It was a little shocking experience as I had to go through full security check at the port. The staffs were all nice though but it took so much time from beg checking to body checking. Later, I headed straight to Hakata Station. I didn’t have small change of yen when I rode the bus. Thankfully, the driver just let me go for free after I pulled out an innocent-i-dont-fucking-understand-whats-going-on face.

At the station, I made my way to the bus terminal and WHAT A SURPRISE all tickets from Fukuoka to Kyoto by bus were all sold out till 25th March. My brain kinda fried at the moment as I bought as Shinkanzen ticket without thinking clearly (with the help of my friend Anis oh we met up a short 15 minutes as the last shinkanzen train is at 8.00 pm). The point of my regret was mainly because the ticket costs so much more than my Busan-Fukuoka ticket. It costs me a freaking 15,000 YEN AND I DONT KNOW WHY I MADE THAT DECISION TO BUY IT STRAIGHT AWAY OH I GUESS IM STUPID OH

And also I had no idea how many hours it gonna takes to reach Kyoto so I was damn nervous the whole time I was in the train. By 11.00 pm, I already reached Kyoto. Without any idea where to fucking go, I browsed the internet and YEAY THERES 24 HOURS CAFE just right outside the station. I went straight there and booyahh for 1800 yen, I can spend all night there with free unlimited drinks, manga, internet plus an uncomfortable chair to sleep on. I took a good shit tho before I checked out of that place in the morning and thats when I realised Japan got warm toilet seat so you wont feel dead inside everytime your bare ass touch that freezing cold toilet seat.

I went back to Kyoto Station and my brain took  a quiet long time to figure out how the hell the train system works but as usual, I still managed to understand it after a few hours. SO I WENT STRAIGHT TO UZUMAZA STATION to get to my Hat’n Hat Hostel. Thank god the host already woke up and I leave my things there as check in time only started at 4.00 pm.

First place on my itinerary on that day was Kiyomizudera Temple located in eastern Kyoto. It was pretty easy to get to as I rode 206 bus from Kyoto Station. It’s named the most famous temple in Kyoto and the famed suits it well as it already crowded with people by the time I got there. A pretty wonderful place indeed even with people everywhere! From there, I walked down to Sannen-zaka and Ninnen-zaka to Maruyam-koen Park. There was a gorgeous traditional Japanese home and shops and beautiful greenery scene all the way around the area.

Then, I tooke Keihan Line to Fushimi-Inari Station. I got lost for a while though due to the existence of different railway but I made it in the end yo! from the station, it was only a few mins walk to Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine. I was totally stunned at the amount of shrines there.  Unaccountable amount of shrines as I made my exhausting way to the top! After sheer loaded amount of stairs climbing, I  made it to the top of Mount Inari (223m).

And then, I headed back to my hostel at around 4.00 pm. I said bye bye to the world as I fell asleep the moment I got into my bed. uh oh guess what, I only woke up lie 12 hours later as it was already 6.00 am the next day by the time I woke up.

Because I wanted to avoid the crowd at Bamboo forest, I got out at the earliest time possible and headed to Kyoto Station to go Arashiyama (I only found out it actually just one station away from Uzumaza, my home station LOL) Nah every mistakes is an opportunity to grow the fuck up and realise you are actually kinda stupid right or else how will we learn from it?!?!!

Ok from Kyoto Station, I took bus no. 26 to Arashiyama. It took a quiet long time (around half an hour) to reach there. As soon as I arrived, I entered Tenryu-ji Temple which costs me 500 yen.  It was damn early at that time as there were almost not one single tourist’s soul spotted on the area. My eyes got the sight of the famed bamboo forest as I got to the north exit of the temple. I thought its gonna be a huge forest but it actually pretty small! You can cover all the fascinating bamboo area in less than an hour.

As I leave the Bamboo forest, every sight is easily stunningly beautiful in Kyoto as I enjoyed walking around the nearby area. Then, I got into Okochi-Sanso Villa. The entrance ticket was kinda expensive (1000 yen) which I kinda regretted BUT THERES NO TIME FOR REGRET WANA IT WAS IN FACT A LARGE GORGEOUS GARDEN JUST GET OVER IT OK

Seriously though, the place was ridiculously gorgeous with its greenery surroundings, and as I explored more of the area, I found this SUPER AMAZINGLY BREATHAKING BEAUTIFUL HOZUGAWA RIVER.

MY WHOLE BODY STANDS IN AWE AS I WATCHED THE WHOLE THING IN FRONT OF ME. It was raining hard for a while on my journey to the beautiful river but it was well worth it as the view is unspeakably awesome. I hiked all the way to the top of this lil temple ( forgot its name) but didn’t actually got into it because of 400 yen entrance fee. But nevertheless, the river view is hands down the best experience I’ve ever had in my life  I’m sure I’ll NEVER be able to get over it.

Later on, I walked my way to Saga-Arashiyama Station to go back to my hostel. I got 2 cups of instant noodle on my way home and a travel adaptor!! ( which I bought at the local family mart near Uzumaza Station YAY ME!!) I ended the day just after that as my shoulder was killing me. I realised I get more easily tired these days HUHUHU WHY WHY

So, today (Wednesday 25th March) I plan to not spend a single yen and just walk around from Uzumaza to Arashiyama to enjoy my last sight of the amazing Kyoto. Let’s see how it goes in the next post! BYE!

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