Tokyo Adventure – Day 1

It’s been 4 days since I got back to Malaysia from Japan and I finally get inspired to continue my blogging! *struggling to memorize what happened in Japan* On my last day in Kyoto, I spent it all wandering around Arashiyama. From my hostel, I just walked there by following the train lines from Uzumaza to Arashiyama. It was truly nice to experience and see the real neighbourhood of Japanese people living in Kyoto and thankfully I didn’t get lost! It took around 3 minutes of walking and it was raining as I arrived  there.  I rested for a while in nearest cafe before I headed to my favourite river in the whole world, Hozugawa River. Because I didn’t get to capture the beauty of the river the day before coz my fudging camera got no battery, I made it my mission to recapture it today! It started raining once in a while tho (FREAKIN COLD AS HELL).

At around 2pm,I walked back to my hostel and bought some ramen for lunch. Hat’n Hat Hostel was so amazing for allowing people to stay in the living room even after check out, so I just eat my ramen there and later I headed straight to Kyoto Station. It was pretty exhausting having to spend my time until 11pm at the station. I entered the ticket’s office and I noticed a man using one of the plug there for his laptop and from that moment I prayed and prayed for him to gtfo asap so I can use the plug. UNTIL after a few hours, one officer kindly asked me to stop staying there coz apparently the plug is not for public’s use HUHU ME CRIES. I then went to some cafe and just stayed there as it was really cold as its getting to midnight. Finally I departed from Kyoto to Tokyo at exactly 11.00 pm. The journey was freeeaking smooth as I slept peacefully throughout the night. I didn’t know every seat on the bus is specify for single seat and they even got curtain provided for privacy. Malaysia’s buses should really apply this too. No more sitting beside stranger with his gross head falling towards you slowly.

Arrived Tokyo at 7.00 am. My backpack was so heavy at this point I fucking can’t stand it so I rushedly went to my hostel, Khaosan Tokyo Original located in Asakusa. It was pretty surprising to find out that the subway system in Tokyo was easy to figure out. I got to my hostel with little help from the info I got from Internet. From Asakusa Station (Ginza Line), I made exit via Exit 4. The host lady was so kind and let me stay there while waiting for check in  hour (3.00 pm).

I didn’t really have any plan for the day so I just laid around the living room. From an hour it became 3 hours.. 4 hours and by 2.00 pm finally the host let me check in HAHAHA. My bed was kinda awesome. It just a single bed with no bunk bed and they got comforter and all and I just LOVED it. I ended up staying in the room for the whole day and by the time I woke up its already Friday morning. That’s what I really love about solo traveling. You can slack all day all you want and theres no one can judge you.



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